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Saturday September 21 Mick Reidy Memorial Trophy African Stableford

Competition Winners: Chris Riley/Jane Lake 77 pts

Runners UP: Ian Storey/Peter Schultze 73 pts


3rd: David Lake

5th: Kim Foo

9th: Peter Motyer

12th: Colin Maguire

14th: Stephen Fry*

16th: Ian Storey

Ben Bennett Matchplay S/F

K Strong/M Pascoe d K Foo/W Cupido 2/1

ALL PLAYERS FOR NEXT WEEK please note all tee times from 7.31 next week have been moved forward one time , we cannot put in times in blacked out areas and there were already 2 gaps at 7.17 and 7.24 so all need to move up

Next Week: Stableford Grand Final day

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