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East Malvern Golf Club was established in 1935 at the

East Malvern Golf Links.


The course became known as Malvern Valley Golf Course following reconstruction

during the development of the South Eastern Arterial road link (now known as Monash Freeway)


East Malvern Golf Club is one of the Founding member clubs of the "Public Golf Links Association of Victoria" which has since become the Victorian Golf League, VGL.



Land for the original Municipal Golf Course at East Malvern was acquired over a period of 30 years. Beginning in 1904, 18 acres (7.2 hectares) of Crown Land in the vicinity of East Malvern Station, was secured as the Eastern Recreation Reserve.

In 1915 land was acquired between Winton Road and the Black Bridge.

East of the Black Bridge, around 70 acres of low-lying creek land, were donated to Malvern Council for recreation purposes, by agent T. M. Burke, from the 1923 subdivision of the Malvern Meadows Estate.

By 1924 work had commenced on the construction of the Municipal Golf Links at Waverley Park adjoining East Malvern Station. Reclamation of the creek lands included clearing and draining the swamps.

The construction of the Glen Waverley railway line in 1928 delayed the project but the Course was re-located and work proceeded in 1930.

During the depression unemployed relief workers were used to lay out the Golf Links.

The 9 hole Municipal Golf Links between Thornbury Crescent and Scotchman's Creek was opened in April 1931.

In 1932 the Council agreed to extend the links eastwards following the success of the 9 hole course. 13 acres had been purchased on the Camberwell side of Gardiners Creek and the old course, which consisted of a series of streams surrounded by swamps, was drained and filled. A new creek bed, from Scotchman's Creek to Warrigal Road, was cut by sustenance workers. Flooding was frequent and Council prepared plans to straighten, deepen and widen the creek. The 13 hole course was opened in April 1934 and a year later the 18 hole course, covering 110 acres, opened with facilities at Thornbury Crescent.

In the 1980s around eight hectares were taken from the 43 hectare Golf Course for the Arterial Road Link. A major re-development resulted in the present course - one of the few architecturally designed golf courses in Melbourne. 

Malvern Valley Golf Course, formerly known as the East Malvern Golf Links, was re-opened in 1988, following the construction of the South Eastern Arterial Road Link (now part of the Monash Freeway).

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