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Saturday March 21 2020 4 Ball Ambrose Pineapple Cup

Sponsored by Shaun Williams and Mark Sutherland

Another great day was had by most and playing alternate tees was something most players enjoyed even though the field was a bit small with some late withdrawals due to current events that are going on around us.

Thanks to all that participated and hopefully we can make this event bigger and better next year. The Hosts Shaun and Mark teamed with Club champion Manny at the last minute due to some last minute cancellations. they then managed between them 13 birdies no bogeys for a gross 55 , perhaps they thought this was enough to win even as a 3 ball, alas this was not to be.

The Winners of the Pineapple Cup 2020 with a nett score of 52.5 ( Handicap 5.5) were

Chris Riley, Paul Harmer, Keith Strong and Mark Pascoe

Runners up with a nett score of 52.84 ( Handicap 2.16) were

Shaun Williams, Manny Zouros and Mark Sutherland

Third place with a nett score of 53.375 ( Handicap 7.625) were

Wendy Beron, Spiros Dallas, Sam Gannon and Bill Mallisioras


3rd: Manny Zouros

5th: Ivor Hertz

9th: Peter Motyer

12th: Peter Motyer

14th: Manny Zouros

16th: Ian Storey

18th 2nd shot: Bill Mallisioras

11th Long Drive: Mark Sutherland

Next Week March 28 First Tee Time is 7.12

Stableford Mike Leeds Trophy

April 4 VGL and EMGC Medals Stroke

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