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Saturday Feb 19 2022 Stroke 1st Rd Club Championships Gordon Coventry , Jennifer Johns Trophy

Competition Winner: Con Devitsakis (19) 64 nett c/b

A Grade Winner: Shaun Willaims (4) 66 nett c/b

A Grade R/up: Simon Lee (11) 66 nett

B Grade Winner: Stephen Fry (13) 64 nett c/b

B Grade R/up: Anthony Goldman (18) 64 nett

C Grade Winner: Con Devitsakis (19) 64 nett

C Grade R/up: Lochie Rowler (21) 66 nett

Ladies Winner: Gloria Stewart (19) 67 nett

Ladies R/up: Frances Evans (32) 68 nett


3rd : Adam Poyner

5th : Warner Cupido*

9th : Mark Pascoe

12th : Shaun Williams

14th : Mick Mortimer

16th : Gary Ritchens

Friday Winner: Bruce Miller 37 pts c/b

Next Week: Feb 26 Stroke 2nd rd club championships Adam Poyner & Gloria Stewart Trophy

Great 1st rd of the Championships however we have been challenged by the pro shop again on slow play.

The first issue is the first tee, the last group ended up nearly 30 mins late

We need to get off the first tee faster, this means the shorter hitters always hit first not just the 1st hole but all par 4/5's

The other issue I see is we are not all playing ready golf

many times I see a player at his ball 20 metres in front and then waiting a few minutes while the other player gets ready, don't wait just hit.

The same goes for the putting green

Don't be surprised if I'm on the first tee watching all tee off next Saturday

Please be on the tee at least 7 mins before your time, and shorter hitters hit first.

Please also note if you can't meet your tee time please cancel off the timesheet, 3 no shows today, For the Club Championships we always have people trying to get a game.

also note a lot of tee times will change for the final rd of the club championships so after i have finalized the final groups an email will go out to all players


A grade Gross 2022 rd 1
Download DOC • 56KB
A grade nett 2022 rd 1
Download DOC • 55KB
B grade nett 2022 rd 1
Download DOC • 63KB
C grade nett 2022 rd 1
Download DOC • 55KB
ladies 2022 rd 1
Download DOC • 68KB

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