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Sat June 19 2021 VGL,EMGC Medal Ross Delahunty Trophy

VGL Medal Winner: Comfort Paul (21) 59 nett

EMGC Medal: Jane Lake (15) 75 nett

A Grade Winner: Paul Harmer (12) 68 nett c/b

A Grade R/up: Shane Johnstone (9) 68 nett

B Grade Winner: Comfort Paul (21) 59 nett

B Grade R/up: David Lake (19) 66 nett

Ladies Winner: Jane Lake (15) 75 nett

Ladies R/up: Chris Riley (10) 77 nett


3rd : Comfort Paul

5th : Anthony Goldman

9th : Keith Strong

12th : Marc Hertz

14th : Jenny Thomas

16th : Gary Danby*

Friday Winner: John Scotton 38 pts

Next Week June 26 Stableford Gary Danby Trophy


Local rule in place from Today

Preferred lies in the general area. Mark, Clean and replace within 1 club length no nearer the hole and on the same surface ( so if in the rough, must be placed in the rough)

Bunkers for now are preferred lies within 1 club length ( this may change on Monday based on GA instructions)

Pins may be removed if needed.

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