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Howlong Cup Update

Hi All Members , this is the Quarterly update of the Howlong Cup

Point 22 on the 2021 Fixture

A competition where qualifiers from Saturday (4) Sunday (2) and Wednesday (2) play off in December to determine the winner. Points are accumulated for Individual Winners and second place during the year.

Final Playoff will held Saturday December 4. If the player is unavailable to play then the next Points tally will be included. Draw will be done by hat to determine final groups

First place wins a prize donated by Gammon Golf.

Update below by days

Wednesday- SYZMKOWICZ Mark 4 pts, COFFEY John 3 pts, NAIDU Harry 3 pts,

BIDYCHAK Alan 2 pts, PASCOE Mark 2 pts, REEVE Alan 2 pts, SCARCELLA Bruno 2 pts,

SIMITZIS Con 2 pts, JOHNSON Michael 2 pts, STRUGNELL Peter 2 pts.

Saturday - STRONG Keith 3 pts, SUTHERLAND Mark 2 pts, THOMAS Jenny 2 pts,

ESPLIN Tony 2 pts, CAPEWELL Antony 2 pts, QUINTEN Prince 2 pts, GIULIANO Joe 2 pts,

GEORGIOU Chris 2 pts, HERTZ Marc 2 pts, DAVIS Graeme 2 pts, MORTIMER Mick 2 pts.

Sunday - KOSTAS S 3 pts, SUTHERLAND Mark 3 pts, Scarcella Bruno 2 pts, TEMBE Raj 2 pts,

DINIOTIS Louie 2 pts, BIDYCHAK Alan 2 pts, SIMITZIS Con 2 pts, TOLIOPOULOS Chris 2 PETROPOULOS Pierre 2 pts, EVANGELISTA Dean 2 pts, STAVRIDIS Con 2 pts,

KABYLAKIS William 3 pts, CATTON John 3 pts.

sorry a bit hard to read but im sure in 3 months scores will spread out a bit

Any queries contact me

Mark S

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