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Feb 20 2021 Stroke 1st Rd Club Championships G Coventry Trophy

Nice warm sticky morning to get the Club Championships under way. The course was looking a lot better than recent weeks and all the greens were cut to add a bit of quickness not usually seen lately on a Saturday. I have attached to scores for each grade

Remember 2 weeks to go to either improve or play better next year.

Competition Winner: Keith Strong (13) 63 nett

A Grade Winner: Shane Johnstone (11) 67 nett c/b

A Grade R/up: Tony Esplin (4) 67 nett

B Grade Winner: Keith Strong (13) 63 nett B Grade R/up: Graeme Davis (17) 64 nett

C Grade Winner: Sam Gannon (19) 64 nett

C Grade R/up: John Catton (19) 66 nett c/b

Ladies Winner: Jenny Thomas (28) 69 nett c/b

Ladies R/up: Jennifer Johns (16) 69 nett


3rd : Sam Gannon

5th : Raj Tembe

9th : Graeme Davis *

12th : Shooter McGavin

14th : Keith Strong

16th : Mike Leeds

Next Week Feb 27 2021 Stroke 2nd Rd Mens Club Championships

Adam Poyner Trophy - Ladies Stroke

All members please remember that we have bigger than normal fields this and the next 2 weeks and although we are playing stroke we need to keep moving and making sure we are playing ready golf. We should also be at the first tee at least 5 mins before your tee time. The front 9 for later groups took 2 hrs 20 mins which is not acceptable. Remember , ready golf and if your group is falling behind , after the first 2 players have holed out they must move to the next tee and start hitting off. Don't all stand around waiting for each other and getting the group behind you frustrated because they are continually waiting.

All members Note next Friday/Saturday when booking for Rd3 Club Championships for March 6 you will need recheck your tee time on Sunday Feb 28 as it may change as we have to have the top 4 players in each grade playing alongside one another so i will move groups around to fit these in

A grade Gross 2021 (1)
Download DOC • 57KB

A grade nett 2021
Download DOC • 56KB

B grade nett 2021
Download DOC • 58KB

C grade nett 2021
Download DOC • 53KB

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