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EMGC Club update

Dear Members,

It has been reported that today Victoria will reach a significant milestone with 70% of first dose vaccinations. This is indeed very encouraging for us as we are moving closer to the day when we can all have a round of golf.

However, I would caution against us becoming complacent and hope that the magical number of 80% is reached very soon. I would urge those members who have not had their vaccinations to do so as soon as possible. I understand that some may have serious reservations due to health or other reasons.

At this stage there has not been any indication from either Golf Australia or the VGL on the way forward once we have reached either milestone. I remain cautiously optimistic that, pending some restrictions, we will be able to once again enjoy the freedom on the golf course.

In the interim, please stay safe and keep healthy.


Harry Naidu


Upon coming out of lockdown , a few clubs have already released statements stating no Vax no play ( Royal Melbourne and Sandringham public)

As far as im aware this hasnt been discussed in relation to playing at Malvern Valley

however, we have a provision to register anyone who is vaccinated so it will appear on the admins timesheet ( so no one will see other than admin as this is a privacy matter.

It will help if the council/government go down the No Vax No Play route.

if you would like me to add this ( Fully Vaxinated) to your Membership details so it will appear on the admins timesheet please send an email to me at

heres to playing soon, i need to try out all my covid purchases

Mark Sutherland


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