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Wed June 29 2022 stableford 3/4/5 club challenge

Competition Winner: Denis Yodgee (16) 36 pts

Winner A Grade: Mick Mortimer (6) 34 pts

Winner B Grade: Denis Yodgee (16) 36 pts

Winner C Grade: John Catton (21) 30pts


3rd: John Coffey

5th: Lochie Rowler

9th: Graeme Davis

12th: Jock Mitchell

14th: Mick Mortimer

16th: Ron Anderson

NAGA: n/a

Great morning with 3/4/5 club challenge and what a challenge for sum although Denis won the day playing to his handicap with his 4 clubs.

Great BBQ , thanks for hanging around and special thanks to David McMinn, Norm Pert and Rob Kelly who came for the bbq

also special thanks to Phil Houlihan and Mick Mortimer for donating prizes for the day.

Hopefully we can make this a regular event.

Next Week : Wednesday July 6 Stableford Shield Qualifier

All players note: The sixth green is now out of play with a temp green to the right of the fairway about 250m from the tee. The temp green is quite small. We will have a local rule that if you are on the green , you can automatically take a 2 putt and pick your ball up, or you can putt out and must do so if you choose this option.

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