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VGL Seniors Champions 2018

Congratulations to the East Malvern Senior Pennant team for winning the Final at Kingston links against Lakeside

Following good wins by Alan Reeve, Mick Mortimer and Team Manger Scott Clark we just needed a half to close it out

Ian Storey went to the last 1 down after his putt to win 17 lipped out, he landed on the green while his opponent came up short, his opponent chipped up to 6 feet, Ian rolled his putt up to 3 ft, unfortunately his opponent rolled in the putt to secure the win.

In the same group Ron Anderson was square with his opponent on the last,  Ron landed on the green while his opponent came up short, his opponent then chipped about 10 ft past, Ron then rolled his first putt 5 ft past, His opponent then rolled a downhill putt straight in putting all the pressure on Ron to hole his.

Alas in true Ronnie style he fisted pumped before it fell in giving us the win 3.5/2.5

Well done guys a great effort, many thanks to Mike Leeds and Roger Hyde as well for playing  during the season

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