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Sunday November 15 Stroke Peter Conyers Trophy

Competition Winner: Gordon Coventry (16) 64 nett c/b

Front 9 –  Roger Hastings 32 nett

Back 9 –   Gordon Coventry 27 nett


3rd: Roger Hastings ( Hole is sponsored by Kent Removals )

5th: Gary Danby

9th: Mick Rossborough

14th: David Powis

16th: N/A

Next Week : November 22 – Stableford

1st 8 qualifiers for Sunday cup

Roger,Gordon,David Powis, Ian Delforce,Alan Reeve, Mick Rossborough,Jarrod Sharrock, Bill

Next qualifying Nov 29


Please carry and use sand buckets at all times , Fill all fairways divots when walking down the fairway , NOT JUST YOUR OWN.

Please repairs all pitch marks on the green , AGAIN NOT JUST YOUR OWN.

Please read whiteboard in clubrooms for information on wet/muddy fairways

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