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Sunday March 24 Stableford

Competition Winner: Gordon Coventry (14) 37 pts

Front 9: Con Stavridis

Back 9: Gordon Coventry 21 pts

Nearest The Pins

3rd: Gary Danby

5th: Peter Petropoulos

9th: Gordon Coventry

12th: Raj Tembe

14th: Gordon Coventry


Next Week tee off 8.48

Next Week : Stableford

Scratch Pennant is away to Sandringham next Sunday

Handicap Pennant next Sunday Vs Northcote away

Handicap Pennant Sun 24\03 East Malvern Won 5.5/2.5

Seniors Pennant this week against Craigieburn away

Seniors Pennant Thurs 21/3 East Malvern Lost 5/3

All Members please note:

The updated rules of golf have commenced

We have distributed new rule books and flyers for these changes it is also highly recommended you go to Golf Australia website , click on Rules and Handicapping- 2019 new rules or go to the website from the link below, there are flyers and downloads and 36 short videos that show you the majority of the changes ,there is also a link to download the 2019 rules app.

Also read local rules and course guide


We ask that you download the Team App ,146 members have been added , you just need to actually download the APP and sign up

Create a Log in for Team App , fill in as much detail as you want, search for east malvern gc ,request to join and we will be notified and we will add you

We are just starting to use this app so the fixtures. events and news can be sent to members via the app,  we will trial using this app over the next few months

see  Ian Storey or Mark Sutherland if you need assistance

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