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Sunday July 19 2020 Stableford Back 9

Just 8 players this morning played the back 9, ( better condition)

The Miscore scoring app was utilized for some to score and the rest used the Kiosk

if using the Miscore app you still must register if not done by the administrator before hand

if your partner does not have the app you must use a card for yourself as only their score will be recorded on your app

Gloria Stewart won this morning with 19 pts ($10 voucher)

Bill Mallisioras had 16 pts (2 balls c/b)

Spiros Dallas , Alan Reeve and Scott Clark had 16 pts also ( 1 ball)

From now on you can book a tee time in 8 days out from the event

Just remember we are playing in 2's so if the time sheet has 4 spots you can only book 2

Remember if you have booked and want to cancel you should do that online as well

if you need assistance contact Scott Clark or Mark Sutherland if Scott is not reachable