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Sunday April 14 – Stableford

COMPETITION WINNER: Michael Torcasio (22)39 pts

Front 9 – Michael Torcasio 23pts

Back 9 – Gary Danby 20 pts


5th: Haary Jang

9th: Alan Kasjan

14th: James Jang

16th : David White

East Malvern Pennant results:  2nd Round 14/04

Scratch Team Won 8/6 over Growling Frog

Handicap team Lost 6/8 to Riverview (Ivanhoe)


‘The rules governing match-play events are set out in the Club Fixtures and Syllabus book, including men vs women events derived from the models presented to the Club from Golf Australia  (advice version 16 Feb 2012) and approved by the Executive Committee. There are NO EXTRA shots to be given over-and-above the normal shots given by the scratch player when starting the match. The result of each hole is determined by the NETT score for that hole. Any further questions may be directed

towards  (Andrew Nally) or members of the Match Committee.’


‘Where a maximum handicap event exists, the ladies handicap will be 34 NOT 32 as stated

in the Club Fixtures and Syllabus book. The calculation is in accordance with advice from

Golf Australia and adopted by the Match Committee and approved by the Executive Committee”.

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