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Sun Jan 7th 2024 Stableford Alan Reeve Trophy

Competition Winner: William Kabyiakis (16) 37 Pts c/b

Runner Up: Michael Barnes (15) 37 Pts

Front Nine:

Michael Barnes, Erik Asmus, Phil Lydeamore & Con Simitize 23 Pts

Back Nine :

Louie Jr Diniotis 20 Pts


3rd: Micael Barnes

5th: Louie Diniotis

9th: Phil Lydeamore

12th: Peter Petropoulos

14th: Bill Mallisioras

16th: Paul Harmer

NAGA: Pierre Petropoulos 21 Pts

Next Week Sun Jan 14 2024 Stableford


The annual Nepean Challenge is on Sun Jan 21 with a BBQ after the round. EMGC players remember to put your name down to play on the day.

Note: First tee time is 8.13 am - Please check the booking sheet later in the week to confirm.

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