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Sun Dec 11 2022 Stableford Tony Esplin Trophy

Competition Winner: Robert Dean (13) 38 pts

Runner up: Michael Barnes (18) 37 pts

Front 9: Thomas Varsamidis 20 pts

Back 9 : Peter Conyers 21 pts


3rd: Gloria Stewart

5th: Julian Mahood

9th: Spiro Stavropoulos

12th: Bill Mallisioras

14th: John Gale

16th: Spiro Stavropoulos

Naga: Julian Mahood

Sunday Cup M/play: E Asmus d M Sutherland d 2/1, Peter Petropoulos d M Leeds 5/4, S Stavropoulos d W Kabylakis 1up, B Mallisioras d S Gannon 4/2, A Reeve d S Pollak 1up, P Harmer d J Pollak 2/1

Next week: December 18 Ambrose Pairs Stroke Xmas Hams Tony Esplin Trophy

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