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Saturday November 2 Stroke EMGC Medal

EMGC Medal Winner: Mike Leeds (11) 61 nett

EMGC Medal Winner: Gloria Stewart (21) 87 nett

A Grade Winner: MIke Leeds (11) 61 nett

A Grade R/up: Harry Naidu (12) 65 nett c/b

B Grade Winner: Ross Delahunty (20) 71 nett

B Grade R/UP: John Catton (19) 74 nett

Gold medalist: Kim Foo 66 nett


3rd: Peter Motyer

5th: Mike Leeds

9th: Shaun Williams

12th: Kim Foo

14th: Joe Giuliano *

16th: Mark Sutherland

NEXT WEEK : Par - Colin Maguire Trophy


nice shot Mark

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