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Saturday May 18 Par

COMPETITION WINNER: Peter Motyer (14) +4 c/b

A Grade Winner: Gary Ritchens (10) +4

A Grade R/Up : Shaun Williams (5) +3

B Grade Winner: Peter Motyer (14) +4 c/b

B Grade R/Up : Fran Evans (35) +4

Front 9: Gary Ritchens +5

Back 9: Shaun Williams +4

3rd: Keith Strong*

5th: Spiros Dallas

9th: Marc Hertz

12th: John Catton

14th: Spiros Dallas

16th: Mark Sutherland

East Malvern Masters s/f

K Strong/M Sutherland d K Foo/W Cupido 2/1

G Morris/M Leeds d S Johnstone/I Storey 2 up

Friday Winner: Ross Files 38 pts c/b

May 25 Ambrose Pairs Stroke

June 1 Stroke VGL & EMGC Medal

Tocumwal golf weekend Sept 13,14,15 has been booked

Get your deposit in early $295 twin share

sheet is on the board, get in now and pay your deposit and

pay off over the next few months

this is a great weekend away and should not be missed

see Russell Clarke for more details

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