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Saturday June 6 2020 Stroke VGL and EMGC Medal

VGL Meadl Winner: Marc Hertz (11) 66 nett

EMGC Medal Winner: Gloria Stewart (23) 77 nett

A Grade Winner: Marc Hertz (11) 66 nett

A Grade R/Up: Harry Naidu (11) 67 nett

B Grade Winner: Keith Gonsalvez (22) 69 nett

B Grade R/Up: Ivan Grauer (33) 73 nett

Ball winners: S Johnstone, C Maguire, G Danby, M Mortimer, M Sutherland, J Catton, 1 ball each.

All members note all prizes won will be on the table near the desk the following Saturday labelled with your name.

Next week Saturday

June 13 2nd Rd 4 seasons Stroke Peter Schultze Trophy

June 20 Par Ross Delahunty Trophy

East Malvern Masters dates have been reassessed and are on the board

last date for first rd is June 20

Ben Bennett invitation has been extended till June 13 ( need 4 more teams)

All members please note that they need to read the whiteboard Saturday/Sunday before commencing play to check for any Local Rules/Changed playing conditions. If not sure ask the Convener or a Match Committee member. Do not ask the pro shop.

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