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Saturday Jan 2 2021 Summer Cup Rd 1 Erik Asmus Trophy

Competition Winner: Tony Esplin (4) 60 nett

Runner up: Keith Gonsalvez (21) 62 nett

Ball winners: Adam Poyner, Graeme Morris, Mark Pascoe, Ronald Klein ,

Raj Tembe, Neil Smith. 1 ball each

Slow play appears to be rearing its ugly head

it should not take more then 3 hrs.30mins-40 mins to play around this course

i counted today quite a few groups pushing 4 hrs

Ready golf please , the first 2 players to putt out should make their way to the next tee

Next Week: Jan 9 Summer Cup Rd 2 Stableford Graeme Morris Trophy

Remember Miscore app needs registration and payment of 16.45 if you wish to continue using it.

Remember timesheets are available online 8 days before

also remember to delete your name on the booking sheet if you cannot play


if you are having issues booking times call Scott or Mark

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