Saturday February 21 Stroke Michelinos Bakery Trophy

Competition Winner: Paul Harmer (14) 62 nett c/b

Winner A Grade : Mark Sutherland (9) 62 nett

Runner Up A Grade:  Neil Griffith (9) 64 nett

Winner B Grade: Paul Harmer (14) 62 nett

Runner Up B Grade: Shane Johnstone (25) 66 nett


5th: Graeme Morris

9th: Gary Danby

16th: Terry Hodges

Next week: Feb 28: Stableford

March 7 Stroke 1st Rd Club Championships

Friday comp has now commenced

Tee times start at 12.00pm

Results for 20/02 were 10 members completed 18 holes with the Winner being

Casey Asmus (12) 40pts

Could all members with an email address please check EMGC fixture book, if your email address is incorrect or missing and you would like this rectified please send your correct email address to Russell Clarke at

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