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Saturday February 15 2020 Stableford Mark Pascoe Trophy

Competition Winner: Warner Cupido (12) 38 pts

A Grade Winner: Warner Cupido (12) 38 pts c/b

A Grade R/up: Keith Strong (12) 38 pts

B Grade Winner: John Catton (16) 38 pts

B Grade R/up: Ross Delahunty (18) 37 pts


3rd: Warner Cupido

5th: Geoff Moule

9th: Peter Schultze

12th: Warner Cupido*

14th: Ross Delahunty

16th: Warner Cupido

Next week :

February 22 first round club championships for men and women

blue tees and permanent red

also for players tomorrow remember 1st tee time is 7.18 as Nepean are away

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