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Saturday December 7 Stroke Ladies EMGC Medal play off 4 seasons final rd

Competition Winner: Graeme Morris (15) 63 nett

A Grade Winner: Antony Capewell (6) 64 nett

A Grade R/up: Shaun Williams (4) 65 nett c/b

B Grade Winner: Graeme Morris (15) 63 nett

B Grade R/up: Filomena Scardamaglia (34) 64 nett


3rd: Renay Hammerschlag ( Hole in One) Congratulations

5th: Ian Storey

9th: Manny Zouros

12th:Ross Delahunty*

14th: Ian Storey

16th: Filomena

EMGC Medalist of Medalist: Chris Riley

4 Seasons Final scores: Brett Somerville 276 , Ivor Hertz 278,

next week PAR

6.30 first tee off

I have noticed during play there are too many large gaps in the field

All players should be on the first tee 10 MINUTES before their tee time, not walking over to the first tee 1 minute before, this will ensure players will be ready to go if someone from the group in front is late and it will help with the gaps in the field

Saturday December 21 EMGC XMAS BBQ - ALL MEMBERS WELCOME Members put this in your Calendar and don’t miss it. First BBQ meat will be served at approx. 12 noon. 2 FREE drinks on the day supplied by the Club. ANNUAL RAFFLE Tickets available on Game Days prior to the event First Prize is an EMGC Membership for 1 year. Other Prizes are by donation, so lets ‘chip in’ and make it memorable. Donations to be supplied on the day, if this is not suitable please discuss any other arrangements with a committee member.

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