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Sat Oct 15 2022 Stableford Mark Pascoe Trophy

Competition Winner: Mark Sutherland (10) 38 pts

A Grade Winner: Mark Sutherland (10) 38 pts

A Grade R/up: Stephen Fry (9) 34 pts c/b

B Grade Winner: Kenneth Woolard (13) 37 pts

B Grade R/up: Quintin Prince (17) 34 pts c/b


3rd : Sam Gannon

5th : Andrew Temmhoff

9th : Kenneth Woolard

12th : Raj Tembe

14th : Dean Evangelista

16th : Dean Evangelista

Friday Winner: too wet

Note Greens are being Cored on Monday

Winter Cup Matchplay Final: Andrew Temmhoff d Mike Leeds 4/3

Next Week: October 22, 4 BBB Stableford Chris Riley, Jennifer Johns Trophy


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