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Sat March 4 2023 Stroke VGL and EMGC Medals, Final Round Club Championships.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

VGL Medal Winner: Shane Johnstone (11) 65 nett

EMGC Medal Winner: Jane Lake (14) 69 nett

Ladies R/up: Chris Riley (9) 70 nett

A Grade Winner: Shane Johnstone (11) 65 nett

A Grade R/up: Chris Georgiou (9) 66 nett c/b

B Grade Winner: Mark Pascoe (16) 67 nett c/b

B Grade R/up: Raymond Allesa (17) 67 nett c/b

C Grade Winner: Steve Herbert (20) 66 nett

C Grade R/up: Ivan Grauer (33) 67 nett

Men's Club Champion: Manny Zouros (17th Win)

Ladies Club Champion: Chris Riley (19th Win)

A Grade Nett Winner: Dean Evangelista

B Grade Nett Winner: PLAY OFF , B Dempsey, W Cupido, C Devitsakis

C Grade Nett Winner: Steve Herbert

Ladies Nett Winner: Jane Lake


3rd : Shaun Williams

5th : Mick Mortimer

9th : Paul Harmer

12th : Kim Foo

14th : Mick Mortimer

16th : Dean Evangelista

Friday Winner: Keith Strong 38 pts

Next Week: March 11 Stroke East Malvern Masters Qualifying ( 8 teams )


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A grade Gross 2023 F
Download DOC • 53KB
A grade Nett 2023 F
Download DOC • 53KB
B grade Nett 2023 F
Download DOC • 58KB
C grade Nett 2023 F
Download DOC • 51KB
ladies 2023 F
Download DOC • 55KB

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