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Golf Australia Message

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the below message was sent to all Golf Clubs yesterday from Golf Australia

Good afternoon, I know you and your members are feeling increasingly frustrated about our inability to play golf in Melbourne. I share your frustration, and want you to know that we are at a loss as to the exclusion of golf from yesterday’s changes to restrictions in Melbourne. It is hard to fathom that people can exercise freely in groups of five for four hours and yet the gates remained closed on our clubs and facilities. It makes matters worse when you consider that with the exception of Auckland, Melbourne may well be the only city in the world where golf is not allowed to be played. I’m sorry we are yet to get the traction needed to convince the public health officials that golf has a role to play in the roadmap to some sort of normality as restrictions ease. We will not sit on our hands and, with the support of the PGA, are doing everything we can to ensure that golf is part of the conversation. We are communicating regularly with various government leaders, including direct conversations with the Sports Minister, who continues to be a strong ally. I assure you that there are committed advocates working across industry and within Government to support golf’s return. Our communications have been clear and forthright – and emphatic about clubs and facilities and their ability to deliver a safe and controlled environment, including support for a “no jab, no play” policy. Incidentally, one thing is very clear to us from discussions with government - the community vaccination rate in Victoria is going to be a key decision metric for health authorities when they consider a return to golf and other liberties. So if the message hasn’t yet been made clearly enough, we can all play our part by getting vaccinated – and encouraging others to do the same. While yesterday’s announcement was disappointing, we will fight on. We share golfers’ frustrations, and will work even harder for better news in forthcoming government announcements. With kind regards,

James Sutherland

Chief Executive Officer

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