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Sunday February 15 – Stableford Alan Kasjan Trophy

COMPETITION WINNER: Gary Danby (13) 43 pts 

Front 9 –  Mike Torcasio 20 pts

Back 9 –  Gary Danby 24 pts


5th: Mick Rossborough

9th: Mike Torcasio

14th: Rob Grant

16th: Rob Grant

Sunday Cup Matchplay

P Conyers d J Catton on 18th

W Branchflower d G Stewart 2 up

Next Week :  Feb 22 Stroke


Please note Marysville picnic day Sunday February 22

players urgently needed

please put your name on the list in the clubrooms $60 cost

Caring for the course should be a priority for all players

Please carry sand and fill in divots in the fairways ( even if they are not yours) and please repair all pitch marks on greens ( again not just your own) 

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