Saturday November 26 Stableford Ron Ferguson Trophy

Competition Winner: Wendy Beron (22) 40 pts

A Grade Winner: David White (9) 36 pts c/b

A Grade R/Up: Mark Sutherland (10) 36 pts 

B Grade Winner: Wendy Beron (22) 40 pts

B Grade R/Up: Peter Schultze (14) 39 pts c/b


3rd: Dale MacDonald

5th: Wendy Beron

9th: Jeff Harkins

14th: David White

16th: Bill Malisioras

Next Saturday: Dec 3 Stroke 4th Rd 4 Seasons

Dec 10 Par

FRIDAY November 25 Results

Competition Winner: David White (9) 37 pts

Front 9 : David White 20 pts

Back 9 : John Scotton 17 pts c/b

new club shirts are available for $28 see committee member 

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