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Saturday May 9 4BBB Stableford

Winners: Shaun Williams (4) & Nick Kelly (18) 47 pts 

Runners Up: Mick Mortimer (7) & Neil Griffith (8) 43 pts

2nd Rd Ladies Club Championship best gross Chris Riley 83

Ladies Club Championships standings After Rd 2:

Gross:C Riley 165 G Shand 182 W Beron 185 G Stewart 192

Net: C Riley 143 W Beron 145 G Shand 151 G Stewart 154


5th: Gary Danby

9th: Ken Moran

16th: John Marchant

Next week: May 16 Par

May 23  Ambrose Pairs


Annual trip to Tocumwal is November 21-22 2015

note this in your calendar and join this great weekend away

this may be the last chance to go to Tocumwal

We needs lots of players to make it worthwhile

Feel free to read attached document from RANDA on Pace_of_Play_Global_Survey

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