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Saturday March 17 Club Championships rd 3 Stroke

Competition Winner: Ian Storey (15) 66 nett

A Grade Winner: Neal Griffith (11) 69 nett c/b

A Grade R/Up: Manny Zouros (5) 69 nett c/b

B Grade Winner: Ian Storey (15) 66 nett

B Grade R/Up: Shane Johnstone (14) 67 nett

C Grade Winner: Fred Fenner (20) 68 nett

C Grade R/Up: Ron Ferguson (24) 72 nett

Ladies Winner : Wendy Beron (19) 72 nett


3rd: Jane Lake ( sponsored by John St Cafe )

5th: Scott Clarke

9th: Keith Strong

12th: Antony Capewell (Sponsored by SWS Corporation)

14th: Brett Somerville

16th: Mark Sutherland

Please note from April 7 the free game for NTP will be a roll of the dice from all 6 NTP,s it will not be just the 9th anymore.

Friday Comp Winner : Mick Mortimer 34 pts

March 24 Final Rd Club Championships Mens and Ladies

March 31  Stableford

See tee times for next week, If in last 3 groups and you cannot play you cannot win the grade you are in, please notify Russell if you cannot play in one of the final groups

see attached new Golf rules commencing Jan 1 2019, you can visit the new rules at RANDA.ORG

2. New R&A Rules of Golf (abridged)


We are running a footy tipping competition this year

see below link for details, i will update document when we have numbers

we have 11 so far

East Malvern Footy Tipping Competition AFL 2018

Please try and stay for a drink or bite ,socialise and grab some raffle tickets for our weekly Gift card prize. The more the merrier 

Please try and use your vouchers either in the pro shop , bar or on raffle tickets

Moving forward and to try and help with better communication around the club we ask that you download the Team App from the app store ,google play or on to your PC


Create a Log in for Team App , fill in as much detail as you want, search for east malvern gc ,request to join and we will be notified and will add you

We are just starting to use this app so the fixtures. events and news can be sent to members via the app,  we will trial using this app over the next few months

see Roger Hastings, Ian Storey or Mark Sutherland if you need assistance

Club Uniform clean out see attached listing of what we have left, See Keith Strong


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