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Saturday March 16- Stroke 3rd Rd Club Championships

COMPETITION WINNER: Antony Capewell(8) 61

“A” Gross Manny Zouros 67 

“A” Nett Antony Capewell 8/61

“B” Nett Harry Naidu14/64

“C” Nett John Catton 22/64

“D” Nett Mike Soward 25/70


5th: Antony Capewell

9th: Winston Gale

16th : Austin Jang

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS ROUND 3 UPDATEA Grade Gross Top 412Total3TotalManny Zouros706913967206Antony Capewell787315169220Michael Mortimer767615271223Gary Richens777615375228A Grade Nett 1  2Total3TotalAntony Capewell706513561196Scott Clark666613269201Bill Malisioras726613865203Neil Griffith726814063203Steve Fry696813767204Gary Richens696813767204Manny Zouros706813866204Blair Fairley716713869207Michael Mortimer717114266208Shaun Williams756514068208Andrew Nally696913871209Mike Leeds726713970209Jeff Harkins707214270212Joe Guliano756814370213Kosta Tipovsky687013879217Mark Sutherland796414375218Casey Asmus707814875223Alan Kasjan708615672228Peter Schultze777114880228Darren Smith727915180231Russell Clarke737915280232Roger Hastings797415383236B Grade Nett12Total3TotalHarry Naidu666913564199Keith Strong686813665201Rudi Kraxner706813865203Warner Cupido676413173204Gordon Coventry707014068208Xue Jun Yu687614468212Wes Branchflower707314373216Graeme Morris776614375218Dale Beachley787915766223Neil Smith727714976225C Grade Nett12Total3TotalPeter Davidson696413373206Pat White687013869207Ted Geralis687214069209Mathew Ocean746814273215Terry Hodges776714473217Keith Gonsalvez747514969218Con Simitzis686913781218Spiros Dallas717614772219John Catton797615564219Mick O’Haire827215475229D Grade Nett12Total3TotalJohn Marchant707414473217Ernie Hughs747014478222Mike Soward698315270222


‘The rules governing match-play events are set out in the Club Fixtures and Syllabus book, including men vs women events derived from the models presented to the Club from Golf Australia (advice version 16 Feb 2012) and approved by the Executive Committee. There are NO EXTRA shots to be given over-and-above the normal shots given by the scratch player when starting the match. The result of each hole is determined by the NETT score for that hole. Any further questions may be directed towards me (Andrew Nally) or members of the Match Committee.’


‘Where a maximum handicap event exists, the ladies handicap will be 34 NOT 32 as stated

in the Club Fixtures and Syllabus book. The calculation is in accordance with advice from

Golf Australia and adopted by the Match Committee and approved by the Executive Committee”.

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