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Saturday June 6 Stroke VGL Medal EMGC Medal

VGL Medal Winner: Dale MacDonald (14) 66 nett

EMGC Medal Winner: Rose Turfrey (22) 75 nett c/b

A Grade Winner: Dale MacDonald (14) 66 nett

A Grade R/Up: Mick Mortimer (8)  67 nett

B Grade Winner: Greame Davis (19) 68 nett

B Grade R/Up: Denis Yodgee (23) 69 nett


5th: Shane Johnstone

9th: Neil Griffith

16th: Daniel Herrmann


Please carry and use sand buckets at all times , Fill all fairways divots when walking down the fairway , NOT JUST YOUR OWN.

Please repairs all pitch marks on the green , AGAIN NOT JUST YOUR OWN.

Please read whiteboard in clubrooms for information on wet/muddy fairways

Next week: June 13 Stroke Winter cup qualifier 2nd rd 4 seasons

June 20 Stableford


Annual trip to Tocumwal is November 21-22 2015

note this in your calendar and join this great weekend away

this may be the last chance to go to Tocumwal

We needs lots of players to make it worthwhile

Feel free to read attached document from RANDA on Pace_of_Play_Global_Survey

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