Saturday Jan 1 2022 2 Ball Multiplier Stableford

Competition Winners: Warner Cupido (11) and Graeme Davis (16) 79 pts

Runners Up: Chris Riley (9) and Jane Lake (16) 71 pts

Best Individual Stableford score: Jane Lake (16) 39 pts


3rd : Manny Zouros

5th : Stephen Fry

9th : Mark Sutherland

12th : Joe Giuliano

14th : David Lake*

16th : Shaun Williams

Friday Winner: Graham McKelvey 38 pts

Next Week: Jan 8 Stroke Rd 1 Summer Cup, Graeme Morris Trophy

Blue Tees. Jan 15 Stableford Rd 2 Summer Cup Erik Asmus Trophy

Note: Tee times from tomorrow have been brought forward

if you didn't get an email of the time change please check

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