Saturday December 6 Stroke 4 seasons rd 4 Ladies EMGC Medal

Competition Winner: Rob Gibson (23) 56 nett

Winner A Grade : Ronan Scotton (9) 64 nett

Runner Up A Grade:  Mick Rossborough (9) 68 nett

Winner B Grade: Rob Gibson (23) 56 nett

Runner Up B Grade: Norm Pert (29) 66 nett

Ladies EMGC Medal: Pam Shapiro (36) 67 nett

Ladies Gold Medal playoff : Pam Shapiro

Four seasons Winner : Ronan Scotton 265


5th: Chris Riley

9th: Rob Gibson


Next Week: 13th Par

20th 4 BBB Xmas hams

Xmas donations are required for Xmas hams day

December 20

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