Saturday December 31 Stroke

Competition Winner: Rose Turfrey (23) 61 nett

A Grade Winner: Mick Mortimer (8) 63 nett c/b

A Grade R/Up: David White (9) 63 nett

B Grade Winner: Rose Turfrey (23) 61 nett

B Grade R/Up: Neil Smith (21) 63 nett


3rd: Winston Gale

5th: Joe Giuliano

9th: Darren Smith

14th: Adam Poyner

16th: David White

Next Saturday:

Jan 7  Stroke 1st rd Summer cup

Jan 14 Stableford 2nd rd summer cup


Winner John Scotton (14) 41 pts

Front 9 John Scotton 21 pts

Back 9 John Scotton  20 pts

new club shirts are available for $28 see committee member 

Happy New Year from the Executive committee

Hope to see more of you down playing in 2017

Please note there are some fixture changes for Feb and March 2017 that will be put up in the room

Feb 4 – VGL Medal – Stroke

Feb 11 – East Malvern Masters Qualifier Stroke

Feb 18 – 1st Rd Club Championships ( Medal Day Challenge)

Feb 25 – 2nd Rd Club Championships

March 4 – Final Rd Club Championships

 March 11 – Stroke

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