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Sat May 28 2022 2 Ball Ambrose Spiros Dallas and Bill Mallisioras Trophy

Competition Winners: Keith Strong (12) and Mark Pascoe (13) 59.75 nett

R/Up: Stuart Reid(1) Robert Dean (11) 60 nett

Third: Joe Giuliano (13) Chris Georgiou (8) 60.75


3rd: Gary Danby

5th: Mark Pascoe

9th: Quintin Prince

12th: Michael Duffy*

14th: Raj Tembe

16th: Chris Riley

Friday Winner: Scott Clark 37 pts

Next Week : June 4 Stroke VGL and EMGC Medals

Ben Bennett draw is on the board

From approx June 6 the bunker on the right of the 6 green will be moved to the left side and the green reshaped. The green will be out of play for at least 3/4 weeks.

There will be a temporary green about 40 metres short of the normal green.

There will be a local rule in place when this work commences so make sure you read the board

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