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Sat May 18 2024 Par

Competition Winner: Stephen Fry (8) +4

A Grade Winner: Stephen Fry (8) +4

A Grade R/up: Gary Ritchens (10) +1

B Grade Winner: John Devitsakis (25) +3

B Grade R/up: Joseph Musemburi (19) +1 c/b


3rd : Erik Asmus

5th : Ken Woodard

9th : Richard Berry

12th : John Devitsakis

14th : Brendan Dempsey

16th : Lindsay Marr

Friday Winner: John Devitsakis 36 Pts

Next Week: Sat May 25 2024 Stroke (2 Ball Ambrose)

Bill Malisioras and Spiros Dallas Trophy

Many congratulations to Dean and Molly Evangelista on the birth of their daughter, Sophia Ali, on Tuesday 14th May. Happy new parenting!


The annual trip to Tocumwal is on again in September.

The registration sheet for the trip is on the board in the clubhouse.

Please put your name down if you would like to come on a great golfing weekend away.

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