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Sat March 20 2021 Pineapple Cup 4ball Ambrose Sponsored By Shaun Williams and Mark Sutherland

Beautiful morning for Pineapples

Thanks to all who made the effort

Hopefully more will join the party next year

It seems all had a good day and there were some great scores 54.13, 53.5 and last years winner who had 52.125 which would have won last year, however 1st and 2nd had even better scores.

2021 Pineapple Cup Winners:

Filomena Scardamaglia, David Lake and Simon Lee

combined for a 6 under par score of 62 and with their Handicap won with a score of 51.17

Runners Up had an impressive total of 10 under 58 which became 51.625 well done

Mick Mortimer, Mike Leeds, Neal Griffith and Dale MacDonald


3rd : Scott Clark

5th : Steven Fry

9th : Neal Griffith

12th : Chris Georgiou

14th : Mick Mortimer

16th : Antony Capewell

18th: Mick Mortimer (2nd shot)

Long Drive: John Gale

Next Week: March 27 Stableford

Mike Leeds Trophy

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