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Sat June 18 2022 Par Ross Delahunty Trophy

Competition Winner: Chris Georgiou (8) +2

A Grade Winner: Chris Georgiou (8) +2

A Grade R/up: Marko Benazic (8) +1 c/b

B Grade Winner: David Lake (17) +2

B Grade R/up: Graeme Davis (14) +1 c/b


3rd : Joe Giuliano

5th : Peter Schultze

9th : Mark Sutherland

12th : Tony Esplin

14th : Michelle Levinson*

16th : Jennifer Johns

Ben Bennett rd 1.

M Leeds/M Mortimer d K Strong/M Sutherland 4/3

C Maguire/W Arnot d G Ritchens/R Clarke 4/2

Friday Winner: Mike Leeds 37 pts

Next Week: June 25 Stableford Gary Danby Trophy

Winter Rules in play, see board

6th Hole temp Green- see board

Winter Cup Matchplay on board in room

has changed due to some withdrawals

Ben Bennett and Winter Knockout on board as well

First rds in all Matchplays to played by July 9/10/16

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