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Par 77

Well we are out on good behaviour

starting Monday we are allowed to wander up the fairways again this time with golf clubs, not dogs, kids, bikes etc... although im sure there will still be plenty of them around

First up when going into the pro shop ( no more than 4 allowed in there at once, please scan the QR code for contact tracing ( once daily). Keep masks on in and around the pro shop, do not congregate around the pro shop , Do not hang around after the game, do not give them any ammunition to stop us from playing.

All comps from now till the end of November at the earliest will be single stableford

If all goes to plan we will have a comp that covers all of November with the top ten over Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesday comps winning vouchers. Will release details soon.

There will also be the top 5 at the end of November for each individual day

The Miclub Kiosk will be working and you can use the phone app for free only till the end of October. Note the following is only till the end of October , after this if you want to keep using the APP you will need to pay 16.50 to miclub, this will also allow you to use this app at any course in Australia that uses Miclub. please read the following from Miclub

East Malvern Golf Club has enabled self-score submission in the MiScore app! This feature will not significantly change the current process of scoring for yourself and your playing partner. However, at the end of the round, after you have confirmed your scores are correct, you will submit your own score instead of your playing partner's. Verbal approval from your playing partner is required prior to submitting your score. To avoid physical contact, you can initial the signature field for your playing partner with their approval. The competition system will then receive your score and a copy of the score that you recorded for your playing partner. Should your playing partner be using a paper scorecard, they will score as normal.

Remember on the course Please use your sand bucket, repair pitch marks, do not touch the pins, all bunkers are GUR (NEAREST POINT OR BACK IN LINE WITH THE PIN) and most importantly PLAY READY GOLF. I know many still do not do this and that is why you fall behind the group in front, get to your ball and be ready, if you are ready and someone further away is not then play your shot, when putting be ready to putt , do not get ready when its your turn, and always try and putt out if possible.

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