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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Good Morning/Afternoon all EMGC Members

I thought after having numerous conversations with many members over the weekend that I would update the current local rules around the pin, bunkers and preferred lies.

  1. Looking at the flags in the holes yesterday they have put new noodles that are lower in the holes which means the ball needs to be holed , hitting the flag etc... will not be counted now

  2. Bunkers are GUR free drop for greenside bunkers is behind the bunker in line with flag as far back as required. For Fairway bunkers ball can be dropped next to bunker nearest point no nearer the hole.

  3. PREFERRED LIES will only be on the fairway (cut surface)

  4. PREFERRED LIES will now be within 1 hand span , wet ground rule still applies if required to take further relief.


  6. Ensure you mark your ball before lifting and moving/cleaning.

So in short from today 22/06/2020

  1. Ball must be holed and stay in

  2. Bunkers GUR ( Drop behind for greenside bunkers. Can drop next to for fairway bunkers.

  3. Preferred lies are only on fairways and Bunkers only within a hand span

Don't forget to read the board before your round in case there are updates

P.S some housekeeping, Please use your bucket to fill as many divots on each fairway

on the greens please repair your pitch mark and at least 2 others , if you don't have a pitch repairer please get one or see Mark

If you require any more clarification see/contact Mark

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