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Jan 17 2021 Annual EMGC vs Nepean Challenge Cup

EMGC vs Nepean Cup

Average Stableford score taken between both teams

Winner: EMGC , Scores: EMGC: 30.03 ave Nepean  29.88 ave

EMGC Best  : Raj Tembe (21) 41pts , Mark Pascoe (16) 39pts, Sam Gannon (18) 37pts

ntps: 3rd Richie, 5th Mark Pascoe, 9th Renzo, 12th John Catton, 14th Scott Clark, 16th Robin Smith. Long Drive A grade Paul K, B grade Sam Gannon

NAGA: Wes Branchflower

Thanks to the 32 players who made the effort to support the club in this challenge against Nepean

next Sunday Stroke comm 8.24

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