East Malvern Club Championships 2013

Well what a great 4 weeks we have had for our 2013 Club Championships

Thankyou to all those involved in the set up and running of the Championships.

The Committee’s, the ground staff , Graeme, all the Players and especially the weather.

All nett competitions were tight throughout the 4 weeks with especially B grade going down to the wire

The A grade Championship (Club Champion) was never in doubt with Manny leading from the outset and winning by 17 shots.

For the 11th time the 2013 Club Champion is Manny Zouros .



A Grade Nett Champion for 2013 is Antony Capewell

B Grade Nett Champion for 2013 is Keith Strong

C Grade Nett Champion for 2013 is Peter Davison

D Grade Nett Champion for 2013 is John Marchant

Congratulations to all Winners


The 2013 Champions (from left) Peter Davison, John Marchant ,Antony Capewell, Manny Zouros and Keith Strong.A Grade Nett 1  234TotalAntony   Capewell70656169265Gary Richens69686765269Blair Fairley71676966273Neil Griffith72686371274Bill Malisioras72666572275Steve Fry69686771275Manny Zouros70686672276Michael Mortimer71716668276Scott Clark66666979280Shaun Williams75656875283Andrew Nally69697175284Mike Leeds72677076285Kosta Tipovsky68707968285Joe Guliano75687076289Mark Sutherland79647572290Alan Kasjan70867265293Darren Smith72798070301Peter Schultze77718075303Russell Clarke73798071303Roger Hastings79748377313B Grade Nett1234TotalKeith   Strong68686566267Harry Naidu66696469268Rudi Kraxner70686571274Xue Jun Yu68766869281Warner Cupido67647377281Gordon Coventry70706879287Graeme Morris77667571289Dale Beachley78796668291Neil Smith72777674299

C Grade Nett1234TotalPeter   Davison69647368274Terry Hodges77677365282Pat White68706979286Mathew Ocean74687371286Ted Geralis68726979288Keith Gonsalvez74756972290Spiros Dallas71767273292John Catton79766478297Mick O’Haire82727571300

D Grade Nett1234TotalJohn   Marchant70747371288Ernie Hughs74707870292Mike Soward69837077299

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