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Dan says YES

OK so now we are back, the following is whats required going forward

1. Adhere to all rules the pro shop administers

2. Social distancing, please adhere to 1.5m distance from each other

3. Groups of 4 can play

4. Only turn up no earlier than 15 mins before your tee time

5. EMGC Cards will be on the bench to the left in the back room.

6. Use your own pen to fill in comp sheet

7. Mark your own card with another player verifying, sign your card at completion of the round and then place in basket on our bench in the back room

8. Do not touch flag sticks, or anyone else's equipment

9. Bunkers are GUR , free drop nearest point or inline

10. Ball is holed if it touches the foam in the hole/ or goes in hole( not sure on set up yet)

11. Any prizes won will be on bench the following week

12. Do not congregate outside

13. No sitting in the clubrooms or outside

14. No NTP'S , NO Ball comp


For this Saturday we have 12 tee times (48 players) , from 7.58am

you need to email Mark ( or message me with names and preferred times on 0438339422, i will respond with a confirmed time by Friday

For Sunday we have 7 tee times (28) from 9.15

please do same as above

For Wednesday please we have 7 tee times ( An SMS has been sent out to all regular players )contact me if you want to play.

Friday this week is from 12.10pm book with pro shop or on Wednesday

Please remember on Wednesday and Sunday . DO NOT all turn up at the same time and hang around for your tee time, just turn up 10-15 mins before

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